What is the Lifecard
Simply contact us to get started and we will mail you your personalised sleek platenium LifeCard. The LifeCard is more thenjust a card, its the key to your sexual health and STD prevention!
What is the Lifecard
What is the HLC Lifecard?
The Lifecard & Why Do I Need One?

2 Full Physicals, Blood/Urine Tests & PAP Screening Per Year with the Basic Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard™
24/7 Access to Physicians via Phone and Internet

Real Doctors,  Real Health Care & Real Results
Discount on All HLC Aesthetics Treatments, Services & Products
In-House discount Prescription Refills and Dispensary
Consultations like no other! Find out the latest on STD research
and preventative measures and a free Google Health account

The Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard™ health membership program is revolutionary, sexy and made just for you!  As a national brand of affordable medical care, the Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard is designed to provide personalized medical care for our patients that strive to ensure education and safety emphasizing preventative medicine regarding sexual wellness.   Becoming a Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard member will empower you to live healthier, feel better and save money.   Beyond just having a doctor to see when you are sick, owning a Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard provides you a unique and sensible way to explain to your partner you are responsible for your health and care enough to protect yourself and others from sexual illness.  In life, there are many options; we believe prevention is the best! Also, as a greater value, the Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard can be used as a cost saving ambulatory insurance plan, so if you get a cut and need a few sutures and a tetenus shot, have a cold and need a prescription or feel like you just need a good person to speak with about a health concern, it's all taken care of!

Therefore, we offer the Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard at a cost of $299 per year for both our male and female patients with a range of $29.99 to 69.99 per month service agreement and no cancellation fee.  We are your doctors and are proud to offer real health care by real doctors for real results.  For our clients who are budget-minded, we offer a payment plan managed thru Care Credit and we can finance the service over the course of the year.

We have a variety of plans to fit your lifestyle that include exclusive access to the Hall Longevity Clinic for a full physical and blood and urines testing, and great discounts percent toward the wide array of health and beauty products and upscale services provided onsite, including general medical visits, food allergy testing, travel vaccines, Botox treatments, Restylane fillers, laser cosmetic procedures. If you become ill, we maintain an onsite medical pharmacy to dispense antibiotics, pain medicines, antihistamines and a host of other typical medicines at minimal expense. For the women who purchase the Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard, we include a yearly PAP and pelvic exam, full blood and urine screening, and state of the art birth control options, including emergency contraception and the revolutionary Femcap.

Also, with purchase of the Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard
we offer an exclusive, 24 hour/7 day a week email access to ask our physicians questions and to receive your health care, any medical advice and vital prescriptions. From NYC to LA, Miami to Maui, we have you covered! We can fax or phone in almost any medicine with just a simple set of questions via internet.   Soon we will introduce Hall Longevity Pharmacy to provide all your medication to you.  Too sick for the Internet, we do make house calls, although there is a small fee associated with this service.

Think of the Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard
as an entry point to accepting a new responsibility and a sense of safety for your health, and your potential partner’s health too. We are you doctors and are proud to offer you real health care, by real doctors, for real results. Welcome!



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